INSOMNIUM: ‘Winter’s Gate’ Album Artwork Unveiled

Finnish death metalheads INSOMNIUM have released the cover artwork for their upcoming album, “Winter’s Gate”, set to hit shelves September 23 via Century Media. The 40 minute, one song, concept album based off of a short story, of the same name, by vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen. The artwork seen below was created by artist, Teemu Tähkänen.

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    GRAVE DIGGER Announces Release Date For New Album

    Mark your calendars, ladies and gents, Grave Digger has announced, January 13, 2017, it’s release date of their next album off Napalm Records.

    Chris Boltendahl comments:

    “New album, new tour! We’re currently in the recording studio and we are so much looking forward to be touring again! We’ll present a huge and intensive metal package live on tour together with MYSTIC PROPHECY, as well as on our album! 36 years of GRAVE DIGGER — metal is alive. Forever!”

    Referencing the band’s longevity:

    “We are Germans; we are very hard-working guys,” he said. “We have a very straight kind of thinking, so if we start with something, we really want to carry on with it until the end. That’s the magic of GRAVE DIGGER; we’re always working hard. Our career goes up and down, we have good times and bad times, but we never think about stopping. We always want to give people the best we can do.”

    The band will support fellow Germans BLIND GUARDIAN on a North American tour this fall.

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      DEATH ANGEL’s ‘The Evil Divide’ Cracks U.S. Top 100 Read

      DEATH ANGEL, metal by way of San Francisco Bay, released their 8th album “The Evil Divide”, May 27th via Nuclear Blast. And I according to the charts… it’s THEIR BEST YET. Selling 6,000 units it’s first-week, beating out their previous release, “The Dreams Calls For Blood”, back in 2013. The 6,000+ mark got the latest release a cozy spot in Billboard’s top 200, nestled nicely at 98.

      Mark Osegueda, DEATH ANGEL vocalist comments:

      “We would like to thank everyone out there who contributed to the success of our first-week’s sales of ‘The Evil Divide’! An album we worked very hard on, and are very proud of! Thank you for keeping our passion and dreams alive! The music industry is not for the meek, and we appreciate you all for continually instilling strength in us to give it our all, and give you our best!”

      Rob Cavestany, DEATH ANGEL guitarist compares ‘The Evil Divide’ to past albums:

      “‘The Evil Divide’ is an evolution and departure from those two albums. Initially, it was going to be a Part 3, but the album went in its own direction, and there was no point in trying to force a connection, so we let it become its own monster, and I’m very happy it became that way.”

      Cavestany, continues about the songwriting process for “The Evil Divide”:

      “I [got] the chance to write at home more. But part of it was written on the road, and practically all of it was influenced by the road. I wrote some of it at home after we finished ‘The Dream Calls For Blood’, then wrote a bit while we were out on tour for that album, and mostly decided to soak up the inspiration from being on tour and travelling. Then in the final six weeks before entering the recording studio, I cranked out the second half of the album.”

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        NAILS releases Video for ‘Savage Intolerance’

        Southern California-based hardcore metal-punks NAILS have released a video for the single, “Savage Intolerance”, off the upcoming album, “You Will Never Be One Of Us”, which will be released on June 17 on Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

        NAILS vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones expands on “Savage Intlerance” to Rolling Stone:

        “I wanted to make something lyrically that matched the intensity of the music. I can’t go online or turn on the TV or listen to talk radio these days without hearing something that’s going down with ISIS [jihadist group] — these people are just totally intolerant about anything and everything that’s going on around them, and they just don’t give a fuck, and I think that’s total bullshit. I believe in peace; I think people should live in peace. But the fact is, that’s what’s going on, so we wrote a song about it.”

        “You Will Never Be One Of Us”
        Track Listing:

        01. You Will Never Be One Of Us
        02. Friend To All
        03. Made To Make You Fall
        04. Life Is A Death Sentence
        05. Violence Is Forever
        06. Savage Intolerance
        07. In Pain
        08. Parasite
        09. Into Quietus
        10. They Come Crawling Back

        Check out the video below:

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          BRUJERIA Releases Digital Single, ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’

          Metal extremists BRUJERIA are currently finishing up their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut record. But in the mean time BRUJERIA is offering that single, which includes this track “Viva Presidente Trump!” for digital sale.

          “The song (‘Viva Presidente Trump!’) was on the shelf for years with no idea for vocals, … It was gonna be an ‘Anti-Castro’ part II song but nothing came out of it. It just needed proper motivation to go and attach itself to someone… and Trump came through!”

          He continues:

          “I see Trump as the white Republican version of Juan Brujo circa ’93. Wanting to start shit for the hell of it! That’s why it’s called ‘Viva Presidente Trump!’ We both want same thing! So much that I want to be his running mate!”


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            Grave Digger returning to the Studio, Announce North American Tour w/ Blind Guardian

            Long-running German Headbangers GRAVE DIGGER will enter the studio in June to begin recording their new album for an early 2017 release. Shortly after that, they will join up with BLIND GUARDIAN for the second leg of their ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ spanning across North America.

            Sep. 09 – The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
            Sep. 10 – Revolution – Fort Lauderdale, FL
            Sep. 12 – Ziggy’s By The Sea – Wilmington, NC
            Sep. 13 – Cats Cradle – Chapel Hill, NC
            Sep. 15 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
            Sep. 16 – The Palladium – Worcester, MA
            Sep. 19 – London Music Hall – London, ON CANADA
            Sep. 20 – The Crofoot – Pontiac, MI
            Sep. 22 – Sokol Auditorium – Omaha, NE
            Sep. 23 – The Rave II – Milwaukee, WI
            Sep. 24 – Pierre’s Entertainment Center – Fort Wayne, IN
            Sep. 26 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX
            Sep. 27 – Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX
            Sep. 29 – The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
            Sep. 30 – The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
            Oct. 01 – House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
            Oct. 02 – Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA
            Oct. 04 – The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles
            Oct. 05 – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA

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              LISTEN To Gorguts ‘Pleiades’ Dust’ Before it’s Released

              With more than a week out before Gorguts’ release ‘Pleides’ Dust’, there’s plenty of anticipation to go around. But for those of you who can’t weather these trying times, there’s some good news on the horizon, Decibel has your back. Listen to the entire album, right here, right now.

              Pleiades’ Dust out May 13 on Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.

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                WATCH: Kamelot’s New Video for ‘My Therapy’

                After the band wrapped up a series of European shows, Kamelot hits the ground running by releasing a brand new video for the track “My Therapy” off their latest record, Haven. Kamelot takes aim, with the “My Therapy”, at social anxiety and sheds some light on the epidemic that affects over 20% of the world’s adult population.

                Tommy Karevik, Kamelot vocalist, elaborates:

                “The original idea of the song was based on experiments done years ago on children where they would be clinically taken care of, but never held, loved or nurtured. The outcome was disastrous and proves that in this sometimes complicated world spinning faster and faster, the very foundation of our health and well being really rests upon something very simple and uncomplicated… The human touch…”



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                  Cannibal Corpse / Nile Confirmed for Summer Slaughter 2016

                  Summer Slaughter 2016 organizers, this week, have confirmed that both, Cannibal Corpse and Nile, will be performing at this year’s summer stretch. Other rumored acts include, Carnifex and Suffocation.

                  See the connection? If not throw those into google, not fast enough? Two of the three are songs by Carnifex and Suffocation.

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